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Who we are & why Ocushield...

We are innovators and educators and we want the best for every child, just like all parents do - this includes the best for their well-being, their happiness and most of all the best for their health!


The impact of screen time on our well-being, whether young or old has always been one of our biggest concerns. This has never been more prevalent than during this current pandemic... lockdowns have become the new norm with home-learning for our children and working from home for us as adults. This has resulted in a more dramatic increase in hours spent in front of our digital screens and the implications of these hours are certainly not healthy for any of us.


It is safe to say that most of us have noticed a decline in our general well-being when glued to our screens for long periods of time. Blue light causes eye-strain which causes fatigue, headaches and stress, all from an invisible, yet harmful blue light. Current research has shown that Macular Degeneration will likely be the number one health concern for our children by the time they reach 50!

We believe that the time is now, to take the positive step to protect your eyes, your health and your well-being and there is no better way to do this than with the innovative, scientifically accredited Ocushield Blue Light Screen Protectors.


We believe that the Ocushiled product range for all of your digital devices provides a permanent solution to this modern problem.  Many of us will have noticed first-hand, the negative impact all these hours spent in front of screens have on our body and our mind, and we are convinced that you will notice the difference once you invest in'll be happier, healthier and you'll see life in a different light.

As the Middle East's exclusive distributors of the Ocushield blue light screen filter range we bring the world’s first and only medically rated (MHRA) blue-light screen filters.


What are you waiting for...protect your eyes, protect yourself!  


Our Partnership with 


EnvisualEyez bring the medically backed innovative Ocushield product range to the Middle East. 

Ocushield believe in protecting your eyes and so do we. Developed by UK optometrist Dhruvin Patel, Ocushield products are the only medically backed class 1 blue light filters in the world. 

Whether for you or your children, at home, at work or at school, Dhruvin believes when your eyes are healthy, you sleep better, you feel better, you get more done...and so do we!

We are proud to be official partners, enabling you to take care of your eyes and the eyes of your children.

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