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Dr. Saliha Afridi


Dr Saliha Afridi is a licensed Clinical Psychologist from the USA and is currently based in the UAE. She is also the Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia based in Dubai. The LightHouse Arabia provides psychological and psychiatric care to children, adults and families. Dr Saliha grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and moved to Dubai in 2008 with a mission to change the way people thought of mental health and to make a  positive impact on the mental health industry in this region.

Dr Saliha's thoughts on Blue Light & Ocushield...

I believe one of the “must have” products of the digital age is a blue light screen protector. Blue light is causing havoc to our sleep cycles, as it suppresses the release of an essential hormone called melatonin. The disturbance of sleep and the lack of quality sleep are not only linked to a host of mental health problems such as heightened anxiety and lower mood - but also decreased levels of motivation, productivity and concentration. As well as poor judgement and problem-solving.


To me, it’s a no-brainer. You should add this screen protector to every device in your household, especially as technology becomes more and more interwoven in our lives and the lives of our children. What I really appreciate about the Ocushield blue light screen protector is that it does not change the appearance of my screen at all (unlike my phone’s “Night Mode” or other protectors). I have more energy/focus in my day and my eyes are noticeably less fatigued after hours of sitting in front of my laptop/mobile phone. I highly, highly recommend this product for professionals, parents, and their children.

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