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Why Is Blue Light Harmful?

Many of us spend hours and hours every day in front of a screen. Whether you’re sitting at your laptop for work, messaging friends on your smartphone or just watching tv in the evening – screens are part of everyday life and for most of us, essential!

Girl with Tablet

Blue Light. What is this?

Blue light is everywhere. It’s in sunlight. But it’s especially common in digital devices.

Unfortunately, through screen time, you are exposed to harmful blue light that these devices emit and exposure can have several negative impacts on your health and well-being, including loss of sleep, digital eye strain, macular degeneration, premature skin ageing, and development of other long-term lifestyle health conditions.

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Too Much Blue Light!

Too much time staring at screens = too much blue light.

This can cause eye strain, fatigue, head aches, dry eyes and much more...Blue is not for you!

Woman Sleeping

Blue light at night

The natural cycle of waking up and sleeping is regulated by the presence of natural blue light and its absence, respectively. When you’re not exposed to blue light because the sun has set, your brain triggers the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that lowers your body temperature and makes you feel drowsy. Blue light is responsible for keeping you alert during the day, lifting your moods, and boosting your brain function. Artificial exposure to blue light at night from devices interferes with this natural flow of events and blocks the natural production of melatonin.

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